Every client has placed an order, has the right to withdraw from his order without giving a reason, without due compensation or penalty. For returning the product, the customer should contact Customer Service at info@trufflecart.com 

Conditions for return and replacement of food products
The right of withdrawal may be exercised only if the following conditions are complied with:
* Deadline for return of fresh and frozen products: The buyer is obliged to return to the following address: Bulgaria, Razgrad 7200,  str.Petar Beron 5. The fresh or frozen products purchased by us, no later than 5 calendar days from the date of dispatch Up to them / 5 calendar days includes the transit time for sending and returning the consignment. / For non-compliance, the product is considered to be unfit for use due to expired transportation and storage.
* For preserved and dried products, the return period is 14 days from the date of dispatch. Open jars (unpacked) and torn excise labels can not be returned or replaced.
2.The original packing of the goods is returned with the goods.
Return and replacement procedure
1. The user must notify Teraros Ltd. at the following email address: info@trufflecart.com that he or she wants to return or replace a order with a number.
2. Once the shipment has been handed over to the courier for return, the customer must send a tracking number to info@trufflecart.com
3. Once we receive the item back and set an acceptable time for return and commercial status of the goods. If the terms are met, we will refund you / replaceable products.
4. We will replace your product or refund the amount you have paid to the same bank account from which the payment to us is ordered.
5. We will refund or replace the product within 7 business days of the date of returning the product to us at: Bulgaria, Razgrad 7200,  str.Petar Beron 5
6. All additional costs for the return and refund shall be borne by the buyer.
7. The transport costs of product replacement for return and re-dispatch are at the expense of the buyer.