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Dried black truffles-T.Aestivum

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Dried black truffles, thinly sliced ​​suitable for every specialty. Used high technology for dehydration of truffles, ensures a long shelf life, retains the flavor and shape of fresh truffle. Suitable for use in all seasons. It's is extremely convenient for all our customers, they have dried truffles at any time and under any special occasion can impress their guests with this exquisite product. This is a product of exceptional quality and long shelf life.

We recommend 5-10gr., Dried truffle per serving. It can be used cooker steam.

Ingredients: Dried black truffle (Tuber Aestivum / Uncinatum)

Other names: Black Summer Truffle, Scorzone, Truffle of Saint-Jean

Storage in a refrigerator at: -18°C degrees.

Durability with optimal storage: 36 months.

Delivery time by Air: 24-48 hours, after confirm payment.

Low cost Delivery EMS: 15-30 business days depending from delivery address.

Shipping days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, without official holidays.

Best price per kilogram € 400 without VAT

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