About Us

We are a company in Bulgaria that has developed and perfected for more than 10 years the preservation, sorting, processing, transport and supply of different types of truffles. We use extensive expertise to direct our efforts to quality and correct customer service. Our goal is to become a knowledge base with a high standard of work offering more and more diverse products. We are a company with over 10 years experience in the distribution of truffles and truffle products. We serve many large restaurants, both here and in Europe, the United States and many other countries. Our main advantage is that due to the huge number of customers we can make an individual selection of the offered truffles according to the requirements of each customer. We sort each truffle individually by hand and bear responsibility for each truffle delivered by us. In addition to Internet sales, our company provides supplies to many other large companies in more than 10 countries. As connoisseurs of the truffle, we are aware that its application and use is becoming more and more popular, and that is why we support its realization all over the world under various flavors.Truffle is available in: fresh, canned, shock-frozen and dried.

Our main principles and values ​​are openness, integrity, objectivity and loyalty.

We are committed to achieving one of the highest standards and best results.

Sincerely: Governor Emilia Jordanova